Our Integrity

MPI-Client relationships remain confidential and private and are not publicised unless specifically authorized by clients. Client business interests are always the top priority for MPI management.

MPI subscribes to established international ethics and compliance standards, which is part of every business and client contract signed by MPI Directors, Advisors and Managers, and is the primary basis underlying all MPI business activities. MPI represents, warrants and undertakes that it, and each of its owners, directors, officers, employees, and every other person acting on its behalf, will not, in connection with any transaction or Agreement, or in connection with any related business transactions make, offer or promise to make or authorize any payment or other transfer of anything of value.

MPI adheres to the highest levels of governance and transparency and complies with all global and recognised anti-corruption laws. A copy of the "MPI Business Integrity Statement", which forms part of all contractual arrangements with Clients, is attached and downloadable here.