What We Do


MPI provides a range of personal and focused advisory services to assist foreign investors establish and expand, their business and investment activities in the fast expanding ASEAN markets with particular focus on Indonesia and the Philippines.

Partners are well placed to advise Clients on issues relating to Government and investment regulations (including legal issues, national & local licenses, permits, tax matters in conjunction with licensed practitioners, customs & excise and new Government decrees affecting current company business practices), policies and cultural issues, which may impact on investment and business outcomes. Special emphasis is placed on assisting Clients in developing strategic policies and action plans to support the investment decision making process and internal compliance policies.

MPI clients also have access to a wide range of professional services including fund raising, taxatation and financial structuring advice.

In conjunction with UNPAD University, Bandung, MPI clients can also participate in a formal Bahasa Indonesia language program with compliance certification meeting Government regulations for working visas where required.

Strategic Planning

Clients deal only with MPI principals, directors and senior advisors, who remain responsible directly to Clients at all times. Areas of competence include investment regulations, political issues as well as identifying partnership and business opportunities. MPI maintains high level access to key government officials as well as a wide contact base across various industries and organisations.

The company never seeks to assume a profile that detracts from its "supporting role" to Client activities.

Build Relationships

Senior advisors to the Board of MPI have also recognized expertise and experience in various fields; legal, governance, tax, energy, engineering, CSR, tourism and hotel and related areas.

Services include assistance in expediting and managing Client-government relationships, business operations issues but always with a specific focus on promoting Client business and growth. MPI also advises Clients regarding transparency, corruption and governance matters.

Management maintains extensive contacts within both private and government sectors in order to be able to respond quickly to Client support requirements and ensure local culture and traditions are clearly understood and respected.

Municipal and Industrial Water Projects

The MPI team, in support of local Government plans, is currently focused on developing water processing and water supply infrastructure opportunities within the ASEAN region, primarily Indonesia and the Philippines, and seeks to identify suitable investors, funding entities, technology suppliers, recognised EPC contractors, qualified experts and proven water project operators to participate in these projects.

Tourism & Hotel Projects

The MPI team has extensive involvement in tourism and hotel development projects in both the Philippines and Indonesia. For further information please contact the MPI office directly.

Government Approval For Licenses & Permits - Indonesia & Philippines

MPI has experienced Directors, Senior Advisors and staff who specialize in assisting clients to evaluate, apply and complete various business applications based on the reporting requirements of industry and Government Agencies.

Partners and Staff coordinate the approval process from the initial submission of client documents, then ensure close inter-departmental follow up and monitoring through that process until approvals are secured. Clients are kept updated frequently and on a timely basis.

MPI assists Clients to process the following Government licenses and permits in Indonesia as well as similar documentation in the Republic of the Philippines:

BKPM - The Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board ESDM/MINERBA - Mining Permits from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Custom Approvals – Bea Cukai